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Learn more about QOZ's QOF's, QOB's, Project Structure, Community Redevelopment

and how to navigate the tools in the marketplace. 

Become a Qualified Opportunity Zone Specialist in Your Area! 

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For the past couple of years, our team has traveled to numerous Opportunity Zone meetings and events, networking and interviewing key-players in the QOZ industry that are actively developing projects and working to make a difference distressed communities throughout the U.S.   

During our journey we have met with city officials, community leaders, landowners, developers,

investor, real estate firms, mortgage lenders, corporations, law firms, CPA's and local residents to 

raise awareness about the benefits of Opportunity Zones (also known as "Qualified Opportunity

Zones or "QOZ's), and help foster conversation on the importance of planning and working together

to identify the needs and solutions of local communities. 

Along the way, our team has met with some of the most innovative people, organizations, and companies who are taking the initiative start the revitalization of towns and cities, and begin a new chapter in the creation of generational wealth among communities. People of ages and all walks-of-life are finding opportunities to incorporate new business, services, and increase job growth in areas once overlooked or ignored. But even with hundreds of projects in development, the needs is so great, as there multiple places with the 8,764 Opportunities Zones are still left untouched and on life support; just waiting for the chance to be considered as “home” again to growing families and thriving businesses.  

For many, these areas continue to stay in the shadows, overlooked by their full potential.  Not only due to a lack of capital but mainly because of a lack of education, knowledge and understanding about Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Funds (also known as a Qualified Opportunity Funds or "QOF's"), and how individuals, families, organizations, and companies can create their own QOF’s to help redevelopment their own communities, without the need for government funding or assistance.

This is why Samjen Residential & Commercial Realty has developed its own line of courses called, "The Business & Industry of Qualified Opportunity Zones.”  We've taken the bulk of what our partners and teams have learned over the past two years, and compiled many of their experiences, knowledge, insight, and successes into one program.  From individual investors to corporations who are actively making a positive impact in Opportunity Zones by developing projects as little as $10 million to as large as a billion+ dollars.

So whether you're an individual investor thinking about starting your own fund or a brokerage looking for additional training for your agents and staff, our courses can be a great start to help your employees become more informed about Opportunity Zones and gain a competitive edge in their  marketplace. By knowing what to look for when it comes to Opportunity Zones, you and your employees can better serve your customers, become the leading experts in your area, and increase  profitability. Register today to add your name to the list and receive email notifications once our courses become available. 

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